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This dynamic, family-owned company has the experience, perseverance and passion to get results.  Terry and Catherine Harmer, of Harmer Property Group, have conceived a vision with the absolute understanding and commitment to the key elements that create aesthetically sensitive, socially appropriate, exceptionally desirable and environmentally sustainable urban environments.


Terry Harmer

Terry is the passionate visionary and energetic driving force behind the company that has an enviable track record in the creation of high quality, attractive urban retailing projects that meet the needs of even the most discerning of communities, whilst still being sympathetic to the environment.


Catherine Harmer

Catherine takes a hands-on approach to the design and styling of the buildings and urban spaces, creating the important details that emanate subtle elegance and a warm ambience. Using a light hand she delivers a look that is undeniably luxurious, yet restrained and refined. Catherine’s eye for detail ensures every space benefits from the most interesting of materials and textures generating a ‘wow factor’ that complements the underlying integrity of every project.


Terry and Catherine together with their very talented team of individuals, who share the same level of commitment to the community and devotion to the environment, control every facet of the project design and implementation, from visualization to actualization.

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